23 Year Industrial Explosion-Proof Manufacturer


Distribution Franchise


Distribution And Franchise Instructions
1. It is essential to acknowledge the business philosophy of “Shenhai Explosion-proof” and have a thorough understanding of its marketing operation procedures.
2. Once the intention for representation is confirmed, individuals or organizations can apply to become our authorized agents.
3. Applicants must submit their business license, a comprehensive company profile (officially stamped), and a photocopy of their personal identification card.
4. Agents are required to embrace and strictly comply with the “Shenhai Explosion-proof” agency regulations and agreements.
Agency Conditions
Becoming a “Shenhai Explosion-proof” partner requires meeting the following criteria:
1. The capability to independently shoulder civil responsibilities, whether as an individual or an organization.
2. The ability to lawfully conduct business and sales activities within the authorized territory.
3. Possession of a dedicated office space and the employment of specialized personnel to oversee business operations.
4. Competence in both knowledge of explosion-proof products and proficiency in business operations for designated personnel.
5. Demonstrated access to abundant social resources, interpersonal networks, and sound financial foundations.
6. An agreed-upon agency agreement will be signed following the review and approval of the designated territory.
Agency Policy
● Agents benefit from the lowest prices and preferential policies for product supply.
● Agents receive comprehensive technical support.
● Agents are granted market and price protection for their designated region.

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