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How to Check the Authenticity of Explosion-Proof Certificate

When selecting explosion-proof electrical equipment, consumers typically gravitate towards manufacturers or distributors possessing valid explosion-proof certificates. But, as a consumer, how can you verify the authenticity of these certificates?

Presently, the country hosts over ten certification bodies with nationally recognized qualifications for issuing explosion-proof certificates, yet no unified platform exists for their verification. The validity of certificates issued by each authority is only ascertainable through their respective designated websites. Of course, one can also verify the certificate’s authenticity via phone with the respective issuing authority.

Should the certificate be authentic, its main parameters and expiration date will be displayed. Conversely, fake certificates will yield no results in searches. It’s important to note that due to manual uploading by the issuing bodies, there might be a delay in reflecting the most recent certificates on their websites. Therefore, direct telephonic consultation with the issuing authority might be necessary.



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