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Maintenance Methods

Installation Precautions for Explosion-Proof Junction Boxes

Explosion-proof junction boxes have become a familiar and essential distribution equipment in modern industrial settings, primarily used for consolidating and diverging electrical circuits. With the rapid advancement of today’s society, traditional junction boxes no longer meet the rigorous demands of factory environments, making explosion-proof junction boxes a standard requirement.

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Installation Guidelines:

1. Compliance Check: Before installation, verify that the technical parameters on the explosion-proof junction box comply with national explosion-proof standards and that the labeled specifications match your practical requirements.

2. Inspection of Reinforcements: Prior to installation, thoroughly inspect all reinforcing components within the box for any looseness. If any components require tightening or are unable to be secured, halt the installation process.

3. Secure Cable Connections: When connecting wires and cables, ensure to use sealing rings and metal washers, tightened with compression nuts for a firm and secure seal. Unused connection ports must be properly sealed using sealing rings and metal spacers.

4. Safety First in Maintenance: Always ensure that the power supply is turned off before opening the junction box for maintenance. Avoid opening the box while it is energized to prevent electrical hazards.

These guidelines aim to assist in the effective and safe installation of our explosion-proof junction boxes, ensuring operational efficiency and safety in industrial environments.



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