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Intrinsically Safe Assembly

Operators should pay attention to the following points when assembling intrinsically safe equipment:

intrinsically safe assembly

Ensure Reliable Installation of Internal Printed Circuit Boards:

The installation of internal printed circuit boards should be securely executed to maintain their functionality and safety.

Secure Internal Wiring Connections:

It’s crucial to ensure that all internal wiring connections are firmly secured, preventing any potential disconnections or malfunctions.

Maintain Adequate Protection Level of Enclosures:

The protection level of intrinsically safe enclosures should not be less than IP20, while the safety protection level for mining equipment should be at least IP54.

Installation Compliance with GB3836.18-2010:

The installation of intrinsically safe systems must comply with GB3836.18-2010 “Explosive Atmospheres – Part 18: Intrinsic Safety ‘I’ Systems” requirements.

Ensure Reliable Grounding of Safety Barriers:

Safety barriers must be effectively grounded to ensure proper functioning and safety.



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