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Maintenance Specifications

Precautions for Daily Maintenance and Repair of Explosion-Proof Lights

In the chemical industry, about 80% of production workshops contain some flammable and explosive materials. Therefore, if not properly attended to during the maintenance of explosion-proof lights, accidents can easily occur.


1. Regularly remove dust and dirt from the outer shell of explosion-proof lights to enhance light efficiency and heat dissipation. The cleaning method should be based on the protective ability of the light shell, either using water spray (for lights marked with Yin and above) or wiping with a damp cloth. When cleaning with water spray, the power should be cut off, and it is strictly forbidden to wipe the plastic shell (transparent parts) of the lights with a dry cloth to prevent static electricity.

2. Check for any impact marks on the transparent parts and whether the protective net is loose, desoldered, or corroded. If so, stop using the light and repair or replace it promptly.

3. If the light source is damaged, turn off the light immediately and notify for replacement to prevent electrical components like ballasts from being in an abnormal state for a long time due to the inability to start the light source.

4. In humid environments, promptly clear any water accumulation inside the lamp cavity of lights and replace sealing parts to ensure the shell’s protective performance.

5. When opening the lamp cover, follow the warning sign’s instructions to cut off the power supply before opening the cover.

6. Upon opening, also check whether the explosion-proof joint surface is intact, whether the rubber sealing parts have hardened or become sticky, if the wire insulation layer is turning green or carbonized, and whether the insulating parts and electrical components are deformed or scorched. If these issues are found, timely repair and replacement are necessary.

7. Before closing the cover, lightly wipe the light reflector and transparent parts with a damp cloth (not too wet) to improve light efficiency. Apply a thin layer of 204-1 replacement anti-rust oil on the explosion-proof joint surface. When closing the cover, ensure that the sealing ring is in its original position to function effectively.

8. The sealed parts of the light should not be frequently disassembled and opened. Patent area road sealing technology aligns with national explosion-proof new technology standards.

The above are the maintenance and repair precautions for explosion-proof lights compiled by the editor, hoping to assist everyone in maintaining and repairing their explosion-proof lights.



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