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Maintenance Specifications

Precautions for Maintenance of Explosion-Proof Electrical Appliances

Explosion-proof electrical equipment has become an indispensable product in business operations, playing a crucial role in our daily protection. It is essential to conduct regular maintenance to ensure these devices maintain their excellent explosion-proof performance. In addition to the general electrical equipment guidelines, the maintenance of explosion-proof devices should also consider their specific characteristics.

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1. Environmental Requirements:

1. All types of explosion-proof electrical equipment should be kept clean. Dust, dirt, and debris on and around the equipment and cables should be promptly cleaned.

2. Protect all explosion-proof electrical equipment from rain, snow, and sand erosion; consider installing protective devices against such elements.

2. Installation Inspection:

1. Ensure all explosion-proof electrical equipment is securely installed; regularly check all fasteners to prevent loosening.

2. If grounding and equipotential connections become loose or corroded, tighten them immediately and/or perform rust removal and protection.

3. Operational Status:

1. Regularly check and adjust the working voltage, current, and frequency of the explosion-proof electrical equipment.

2. Listen for unusual operational sounds and observe vibration states and protective device actions. Address any abnormalities promptly.

3. Keep track of the lubrication status of moving parts, replenish lubricants timely, and regularly clean or replace bearings.

4. Regularly monitor the surface and environmental temperatures of the equipment. If abnormal, inspect for loose electrical contacts or wear on moving parts and address immediately.

5. Monitor load changes and make appropriate adjustments.

4. Electrical Insulation Status:

Regularly check the insulation resistance of explosion-proof pressurized cabinets and electrical systems.

5. Cable Inspection:

Routinely check cables, especially flexible ones, for damage. Replace them immediately if damaged.

6. Inspection and Repair:

1. Ensure the integrity of the explosion-proof electrical equipment’s casing; replace the equipment if there are any cracks in the casing.

2. If any abnormalities occur during use, conduct a thorough inspection and make on-site adjustments to restore normal operation. If on-site adjustments fail, dismantle and send the equipment for repair.

The above points are crucial for the routine maintenance and care of explosion-proof electrical equipment. Additionally, refer to the specific manuals for each type of explosion-proof device and strictly follow the prescribed maintenance procedures to ensure optimal explosion-proof performance. For any questions or repair issues, consult with Shenhai Explosion-Proof, where professional staff offer free consultations.



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