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Performance Characteristics

The Difference Between Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners and Non-explosion-Proof Air Conditioners

1. Scope of Application

There’s little difference between explosion-proof and regular air conditioners in terms of functionality – both provide cooling, heating, and dehumidification. However, they are designed for distinct environments. Explosion-proof units cater to complex settings such as industrial sites, military installations, and fuel depots, while standard air conditioners are ideal for public spaces like hospitals, malls, and schools.

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2. Structural and Performance Features

Explosion-proof air conditioners feature a robust explosion-proof structure, offering superior corrosion resistance, particularly in environments with corrosive and explosive gases. They are equipped with international compressors known for their low noise and longevity. Furthermore, they employ a composite explosion-proof design with extensive protections against overheating and overpressure, ensuring safety from potential hazards.

3. Manufacturing and Distribution

Production and distribution of explosion-proof air conditioners are strictly regulated and require a production license, unlike their regular counterparts. This underscores the heightened scrutiny and standards involved in the manufacturing and selling of explosion-proof air conditioners.



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