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Technical Specifications

The Principle, Function, And Scope of Application of Explosion-Proof Junction Boxes


Explosion-proof junction boxes are typically made from cast metal. Their principle of operation involves enduring small-scale explosions caused by electrical sparks within the box, even in an explosive gas environment. If such gases penetrate the box, it can withstand the combustion without rupturing or exposing the flame to the environment, preventing a larger explosion. Thus, the quality and installation details of these junction boxes are critical for safety.

explosion proof junction box


In hazardous areas prone to explosions, they serve as pass-through or distribution boxes. By sealing the junctions, they prevent external explosions from damaging the wiring and stop internal sparks from creating safety hazards in flammable or explosive environments, such as sparks igniting an explosion at connection points.

Application Scope:

Suitable for Zone 1 and Zone 2, as well as Zone 21 and Zone 22 environments.
Protection level: IP66.
Operational temperature range: -40℃ ≤ Ta ≤ 550℃.
Rated voltage: AC690V.



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