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Technical Specifications

What Certification Is Required for Explosion-Proof Lights

1. Explosion-Proof Certification:

Determines whether the equipment meets standard requirements, type tests, and routine test documents. This certification applies to Ex equipment or components. All products within the scope of the explosion-proof certification must obtain it.

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2. 3C Certification:

The full name is “China Compulsory Certification,” and explosion-proof lights must be certified to enter the Chinese market.

3. CE Certification:

A mark of safety certification and a license for manufacturers or applicants to access the European market. The “CE” mark is a mandatory certification for the EU market; only products with CE certification can enter. CE certification applies to all manufacturers, regardless of whether they are from the EU or other countries, and they must meet the CE requirements.

4. CQC Certification:

CQC is a type of certification for electrical products, primarily verifying electrical safety compliance. It indicates that the product meets the relevant quality, safety, performance, and electromagnetic compatibility certification requirements.

5. Industrial Product Production License:

Enterprises producing explosion-proof lights must hold a production license. Enterprises without the “Industrial Product Production License” are not allowed to manufacture, and unauthorized enterprises or individuals may not sell them.



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