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What to Pay Attention to When Using Explosion-Proof Lights in Gas Stations

1. Explosion-Proof Lights in Gas Stations:

In gas stations, explosion-proof lights often accumulate a layer of oil film, which gets covered with dust over time. This film can obstruct light passing through the transparent cover. Therefore, it’s essential to clean the transparent covers of the explosion-proof lights regularly, based on the actual conditions at the station.

explosion proof lights in gas stations

2. Wiring of Explosion-Proof Lights:

The wiring for explosion-proof lights should be done using conduit. This approach prevents the wires from being exposed and safeguards them against damage caused by rodents, birds, or abrasions from building metal structures.

3. Installation Height of Explosion-Proof Lights in Gas Stations:

The installation height of explosion-proof lights in gas stations should not be too low. Generally, the height of an unladen trailer is about 4.2 meters. Ideally, explosion-proof lights should be installed at a height of more than 10 meters above the ground. This ensures that the lights do not obstruct the contents of trailers.



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