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Maintenance Methods

Analysis Of Abnormal Noise Of Explosion-Proof Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit

1. When the external unit of the explosion-proof air conditioner isn’t anchored correctly, vibrations can lead to resonant disturbances. The remedy is straightforward: Secure the unit firmly in place with screws to eliminate vibrations and resolve the issue effectively.

2. For issues with the cooling fan of the explosion-proof air conditioner: Verify whether the fan blades are striking the guard net, a common cause related to the loosening of fan blades. If the blades are intact, simply reinstalling the cooling fan should rectify the problem.

3. Loose screws on the legs of the explosion-proof air conditioner’s compressor can cause unusual noises. Similarly, you can address this by tightening the compressor casing screws.

4. Complications with the explosion-proof air conditioner’s compressor are more intricate and require intervention from a trained professional. It’s imperative for untrained individuals to refrain from attempting repairs, as it could exacerbate the issue.



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