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Analysis Of The Causes Of Water Leakage In Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners

The most prevalent leakage issue in explosion-proof air conditioners arises from the indoor unit, as the leakage can seep into the flooring and potentially within the walls, leading to extensive wall surface swelling and peeling. Tackling leaks in air conditioners is challenging, hence today’s guidance on understanding and resolving such issues.

1. Indoor Unit’s Misalignment

An improperly balanced explosion-proof air conditioner’s indoor unit may cause water in the drip tray to overflow or fail to drain, resulting in clogs in the drain hole and pipe and subsequent spillage of condensate from the evaporator. Rebalancing the indoor unit is essential.

2. Drainage Pipe Issues

Over time, an explosion-proof air conditioner’s drain pipe may experience wear and tear, becoming aged, bent, or damaged, which impedes effective drainage. This can lead to water accumulating and eventually spilling over. Regular inspection and maintenance of the drainage pipe are crucial for preventing leaks.

3. Insulation Tube Degradation

Installers usually insulate the connection between the indoor and outdoor units of explosion-proof air conditioners with a sponge insulation tube for thermal preservation and to inhibit condensation. However, with prolonged use, this tube may deteriorate, losing its functionality and allowing condensate to trickle down.

4. Condensation at Air Outlet

Setting a very low room temperature can cause fogging at the air outlet of the explosion-proof air conditioner. Over time, this can lead to condensation on the wind deflector and subsequent leakage, a typical scenario under such conditions.

5. Freezing of the Indoor Unit

System malfunctions can lead to the freezing of the indoor unit of an explosion-proof air conditioner. Under such circumstances, the unit will automatically shut down after a period, causing the accumulated ice to melt and drip, leading to leakage. This issue necessitates professional intervention.

6. Blockage Due to Dirt

Clogging of the explosion-proof air conditioner’s drainage pipe requires thorough cleaning of both the water collection pan and the drainage pipe to rectify the issue effectively.



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