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Performance Characteristics

Characteristics And Scope Of Application Of Explosion-Proof Threading Box

Many might not be familiar with explosion-proof threading boxes, so let’s explore this product today.

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Explosion-proof threading boxes are designed for hazardous areas with explosive gas mixtures. Their durability stems from the high-strength ZL102 cast aluminum alloy used in their shells. These shells undergo high-speed shot blasting and are treated with high-pressure electrostatic spraying technology. This process ensures strong powder adhesion, offering excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, anti-static properties, and resistance to sunlight.

The primary use of these threading boxes is to facilitate transitions between conduit pipes and to provide sealing protection between walls and conduit pipes. Compared to other models, these cast aluminum threading boxes boast superior impact resistance and corrosion resistance.


Explosion-proof threading boxes are especially suited for work environments where aluminum alloy materials are prone to corrosion. They come in various structural forms, including left and right bends, T-shapes, straight-through, cross, and rear cover T-shapes. Customers can choose according to their specific environmental needs, making these products versatile in their applications.



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