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What Is the Difference Between Explosion-Proof Threading Box and Explosion-Proof Junction Box

It is widely known that both explosion-proof cable glands and junction boxes are made from stainless steel welding or aluminum alloy die-casting, and they share the same level of explosion-proof rating. These are primarily used in industries prone to fire and explosion hazards, such as chemical, storage and transportation, pharmaceutical, military, and petroleum sectors. However, many may not fully understand the distinction between explosion-proof cable glands and junction boxes. Let me clarify their differences.

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The primary difference lies in their respective usage and functional scope. Explosion-proof cable glands are used when the length of the wiring is too long, making it difficult to thread through a conduit, or when the wiring has multiple bends and divergences. They assist in facilitating the connection of these complex wiring paths.

On the other hand, explosion-proof junction boxes serve a different purpose. They are used where external wiring connections, distribution, or electrical equipment require protective housing. These junction boxes typically come with connecting terminals and can often be disassembled for ease of use.



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