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What Should Be Paid Attention to During the Installation and Maintenance of Explosion-Proof Junction Boxes

Junction boxes, commonly seen in various settings, serve as crucial power distribution equipment, centralizing and diverging electrical circuits. With society’s rapid progression, the demand for junction boxes in factories has escalated, making explosion-proof junction boxes a top choice for industrial applications.

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What are the installation and maintenance requirements for explosion-proof junction boxes? Here’s a detailed guide:

1. Pre-installation Checks: Before installation, verify if the technical parameters indicated on the explosion-proof junction box conform to national explosion-proof standards. Ensure that the parameters on the label match the actual application.

2. Inspection of Reinforcement Parts: Prior to installation, inspect all reinforcement parts of the junction box for any looseness. If any loose parts are detected, they must be tightened before proceeding. If tightening is not possible, installation should be halted.

3. Cable Connection: When connecting cables, use sealing rings and metal washers, securing them tightly with compression nuts. This ensures both a firm connection and effective sealing. Unused cable ports must be sealed using sealing rings and metal washers.

4. Maintenance Protocol: Always disconnect the power supply before servicing the explosion-proof junction box. It’s crucial to avoid opening the cover while it’s still powered.

The above points are the basic requirements for assembling, installing, and maintaining explosion-proof junction boxes, aiming to assist users in effective management and safety.



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