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Do Explosion-Proof Fire Emergency Lights Require a Fire Safety Certificate

Many project managers often ask me whether explosion-proof emergency lights need fire certification to pass fire safety inspections. The answer is unequivocally yes. Explosion-proof emergency lights require fire certification.

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In places like chemical plants, gas stations, and pharmaceutical workshops, explosion-proof emergency lights are mandatory. However, finding such lights with fire certification can be challenging. I’ve encountered numerous instances where clients were assured that the emergency lights they purchased would pass fire inspections, only to find them non-compliant due to the lack of fire certification. This has led to customer frustration and lost business. Why do explosion-proof emergency lights need fire certification, and which brands offer it?

Explosion-proof emergency lights must have an explosion-proof certificate issued by a nationally recognized testing organization. Additionally, as emergency lights fall under fire safety products, they require a CCC certificate and AB signature from national fire agencies, ensuring that each light corresponds with the fire network and meets national CCC standards. However, very few domestic companies offer explosion-proof emergency lights that comply with these standards.

Fire brings civilization and energy to humanity but also causes significant losses. Every year, over 100,000 fire incidents occur in the country, claiming thousands of lives and causing billions in economic damages. Recognizing the importance of fire prevention and control can significantly reduce such disasters.

Effective fire management has become a critical focus for national departments. Developed countries’ experience with fire certification shows that high-quality fire safety products effectively prevent, detect, control, and rescue during disasters.

Fire safety products, including alarms, extinguishers, fire protection, firefighting equipment, and rescue gear, are subject to minimum standard requirements (CCCF/3C certification). National certification promotes the advancement of fire safety products.

As the social system evolves, regulations in the explosion-proof lighting industry have become more stringent. For instance, explosion-proof emergency lights now require fire certification, which is costly, thereby eliminating shortcuts for smaller manufacturers. Consequently, some smaller factories resort to dubious practices. For example, a recent quality inspection in Harbin revealed that four batches of emergency lights sold by Century Fenghua Fire Equipment Store were non-compliant and have been ordered to stop sales.

Explosion-proof Electrical Network advises that when purchasing explosion-proof emergency lights, ensure they have fire certification. Each certified light should have a unique QR code that matches the fire system’s corresponding model, ensuring the light is compliant and passes fire safety inspections.



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