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Price And Pictures Of Explosion-Proof Lights

When it comes to explosion-proof lights, many people might find them unfamiliar due to their specialized use in industrial settings, making them less common in everyday life. Consequently, comprehending the pricing of these lights can be challenging. Often customers are uncertain about what type of explosion-proof light they need, including the wattage and appropriate application environment. This uncertainty makes it difficult to provide accurate pricing, as the selection, installation, use, and maintenance of explosion-proof lights are critical for their long-term safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Typical Price Range

Generally, the price of standard explosion-proof lights is around 50 to 100 Yuan. This price point is for ordinary brands. LED explosion-proof spotlights and floodlights are considerably more expensive, with just the housing costing several hundred to over a thousand Yuan. Prices are influenced by brand reputation; for instance, brands like Ocean King and Huarong are well-known, hence more expensive. Another brand, New Dawn, offers products ranging from 100-400W with features like dustproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and shock-resistant qualities, priced around 135 Yuan.

1. Based on Design

The term “design” refers to the method of achieving explosion-proof status. Different principles of explosion-proof design can affect the working mechanism and the price. Prices can vary depending on the complete set of explosion-proof lights, typically ranging from 100 to 280 Yuan.

2. Type Variations

There is a range of explosion-proof lights, categorized by environment and design, amounting to more than ten types. Prices are not only type-dependent but also vary based on the manufacturing and craftsmanship of different producers, generally starting from a hundred Yuan and upwards.

3. Level of Explosion-Proof

Compliance with national standards is essential for explosion-proof ratings. In some areas where explosion-proof requirements are not as stringent, lights with a lower explosion-proof rating can be chosen at a more affordable price. Higher-rated explosion-proof lights will cost more. Generally, prices for different levels of explosion-proof lights are about 200 Yuan per set.

4. Light Source

A significant factor in determining price is the light source, including power and wattage. Unique light source designs ensure precise control over light intensity and angle, preventing dimness or excessive brightness and avoiding water pollution. Different light sources like incandescent, fluorescent, mixed, and mercury lights vary in performance and price, ranging roughly from 100 to 400 Yuan.

5. Material Quality

Factors such as power size, explosion-proof level, and design influence the price, but the material also plays a significant role. Different materials offer distinct advantages, thus affecting the price of explosion-proof lights. In general, the price of explosion-proof lights correlates with quality. Additionally, accessories like chips and drivers are also considered.

Note: Prices are for reference only! Due to regional differences, prices may vary. For more detailed pricing information, please refer to local dealers.


Square Explosion-Proof Light

Circular Explosion-Proof Light
explosion proof light-1
Modular Explosion-Proof Light

Explosion-Proof Street Light
explosion proof street light
New Guardrail Style Explosion-Proof Light
new guardrail style explosion proof light



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