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Are LED Explosion-Proof Lights Expensive

Many users have expressed concerns regarding the pricing of LED explosion-proof lights, citing significant variations that lead to confusion.

led explosion proof lights
The construction of LED lights might appear simple, yet the intricacies involved often dictate these pricing differences. With over 30 years in professional lighting and the push towards energy-saving initiatives by the government, the transition from traditional to LED lighting is inevitable. However, with numerous manufacturers using varied materials for LED lights, the market is witnessing a wide spectrum of quality and corresponding price fluctuations. The intense price competition often confuses consumers, as seemingly similar products can vary in price by two to three times, making it challenging for both manufacturers and consumers to discern the reasons behind these disparities.

Are LED Explosion-Proof Lights Expensive?

Many customers have voiced concerns like: “Your explosion-proof lights are pricier than metal halide lamps, increasing our replacement costs,” or “Your lights are great, but they are more expensive than others, and we have to consider the cost.” Let me explain why choosing our explosion-proof lights is a wise decision.

Firstly, the operational cost of our explosion-proof lights is lower than other lighting options.

The higher price of LED sources, combined with our high-efficiency chips, stable circuits, quality materials, and meticulous design, contributes to the slightly higher cost of our explosion-proof lights. However, these superior products offer enhanced benefits. We assure our customers that the energy savings from our explosion-proof lights can recover their investment within a year, meaning the electricity cost savings will be sufficient to purchase a new explosion-proof light.

The duration of cost recovery depends on the wattage of the light. For instance, in a warehouse with a four-meter ceiling, replacing a 150-watt metal halide lamp with our 50-watt explosion-proof light can save two-thirds of the electricity cost. If the monthly electricity bill is 600 yuan, the savings amount to 400 yuan. Over time, this economic calculation is significant. The higher the wattage of the explosion-proof light, the greater the energy-saving effect. Our goal is to offset the replacement costs for our customers and foster a long-term, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly operational environment.



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