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Acceptance Standards for LED Explosion-Proof Lights

As technology advances, LED lighting has become increasingly prevalent, with a growing demand for LED explosion-proof lights in industrial lighting. LED explosion-proof lights offer numerous advantages such as energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. However, if you visit related electromechanical markets, you’ll find that most LED explosion-proof lights are low-priced and of inferior quality. To the untrained eye, these products may seem indistinguishable from standard LED explosion-proof lights. Understanding certain professional knowledge is essential. Here, I will introduce the acceptance criteria for LED explosion-proof lights, enabling you to truly understand and easily identify their quality.

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Acceptance Criteria:

1. Identification:

LED explosion-proof lights should have a nameplate with the EX mark, type of explosion-proof electrical equipment, protection level, and temperature group. The label should also indicate the explosion-proof certification number issued by the inspection unit.

2. Compliance:

The protection level, temperature group, environmental conditions, and special markings of the LED explosion-proof light must comply with regulations.

3. Integrity of the Casing:

The casing of the LED explosion-proof light should be free from cracks or damage, the paint intact, and all parts securely fixed, including bolts and anti-loosening devices.

4. Lighting System Stability:

The lighting system of the explosion-proof light should be stable, with correct connections, and inlet and outlet installation positions should meet requirements.

5. Electrical Ingress Sealing:

Redundant electrical entries of the explosion-proof light should be sealed as required.

6. Circuit and Sealing Installation:

The installation of the LED explosion-proof light’s circuit or sealing device should be carried out according to regulations.

7. Wiring Verification:

The wiring of the LED explosion-proof light should be correct, and the routing and elevation should meet design requirements, with the line marked with a sky-blue symbol.

8. Grounding and Anti-Static Requirements:

Grounding or neutralization, and anti-static grounding of the LED explosion-proof light should meet design requirements and be firmly reliable.



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