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Why Are LED Explosion-Proof Lights Getting Cheaper and Cheaper

1. Rapid Technological Advancements:

LED explosion-proof lights mainly consist of an explosion-proof lamp shell, driver power supply, aluminum board, LED bead modules, and related accessories. With continuous use and updates in the market, from imitation lumens beads to SMD3030 beads, the price, performance, and lifespan are constantly improving. The growing market demand is making mass production increasingly cost-effective.

2. Explosion-Proof Types Developed as per Demand:

The first batch of explosion-proof lights was Exd IIC T6 Gb. Now, ordinary places also use LED explosion-proof lights. For less demanding environments (dust areas, warehouses), using Ex nR IIC T6 GC/Ex tD A21 IP65 T95℃ is sufficient. Consequently, the price of LED explosion-proof lights is continuously decreasing.

3. Issues with Unscrupulous Traders and Counterfeit Products in the Market:

Most LED explosion-proof lights appear yellow, leading many who are unfamiliar with explosion-proof lights to assume that yellow signifies an explosion-proof light. Additionally, some unscrupulous manufacturers mark up the power of the lamp shells significantly, resulting in 120%-150%-200% overstatements.

The above issues contribute to the declining prices of LED explosion-proof lights, some for better and others for worse. Consumers must be vigilant when purchasing explosion-proof lights. They are meant for safety, and any compromise in quality can lead to serious issues.



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