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LED Explosion-Proof Light Parameters

As technology advances, people are paying more attention to the selection of LED explosion-proof lights. So, what parameters should you consider when making a purchase? Here are some guidelines from the manufacturers to help you choose the right LED explosion-proof light.

1. Power Factor:

For lights with a power greater than 10W, the power factor must be higher than 0.9.

2. Color Rendering Index (Ra):

According to national indoor lighting standards, all indoor lighting fixtures and spaces requiring prolonged illumination must have a color rendering index greater than 80. For warehouses, underground garages, and other temporary lighting locations, a color rendering index greater than 60 is required.

3. Lifespan and Lumen Maintenance:

The average lifespan of explosion-proof lights should be less than 30,000 hours (calculated at 24 hours per day, which is about 3.5 years), and the light decay during use must remain above 70% of the brightness.

4. Glare:

When companies replace traditional fixtures with LED explosion-proof lights, glare is an important consideration. The working bulbs can cause dizziness among employees. Therefore, it’s recommended to use LED explosion-proof lights with low or no glare design.

5. Choice of Color Temperature:

The color temperature varies depending on the environment and higher color temperature isn’t always better for LED explosion-proof lights.



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