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How To Increase The Service Life Of Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners

1. Overloading

In instances where manufacturers operate explosion-proof air conditioners continuously for 24 hours, due to the expansive spaces they are meant to cool, these units often fail to reach the desired temperatures, leading to prolonged overloading of the compressor. This overexertion can culminate in internal electrical failures and burnouts, significantly reducing the air conditioner’s lifespan. Hence, it’s crucial to select an explosion-proof air conditioner that aligns with the intended area of use to enhance its performance and longevity.

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2. Collisions

Often, due to negligence, explosion-proof air conditioners are subject to bumps and collisions, compromising their integrity. Even minor impacts can lead to dents and abrasions on the casing, while more severe encounters can inflict substantial damage, potentially impairing the internal components and the unit’s functionality. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure the explosion-proof air conditioner is situated and operated in an environment where it is safeguarded from accidental collisions.



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