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Technical Specifications

Installation Requirements for Flameproof Electrical Equipment

1. Flameproof surfaces must be coated with anti-rust oil, ensuring no oil or adhesive residues are present.

flameproof distribution box-9
2. The rubber sealing rings in explosion-proof electrical equipment’s lead-in devices must match the lead-in wire’s outer diameter. They should be securely fastened using the original matching nut or press plate, avoiding direct compression with steel or flexible pipes.

Note: In China, cable entry devices for flameproof electrical equipment undergo certification alongside the equipment itself.

3. Any redundant cable entry points should adhere to the stipulated standards for sealing gaskets.

4. Fastening components on flameproof surfaces require the installation of spring pads (like A2-70) and must be tightened adequately.

5. Electrical clearances and creepage distances in junction boxes for external wires or cable connections must conform to specified norms.

6. Special focus is needed on the cable entry points in North American imported explosion-proof electrical devices.

Note: North American flameproof electrical equipment employs conduits, which must align with the threaded holes and be certified accordingly. These threaded entrances are marked, such as with MPTXX tapered threads. Reapply sealant to these entrances every 40-50 times.



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