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Technical Specifications

What Are the Three Essential Elements of Flameproofing

Flameproof Joint Width:

Also termed as explosion joint length, it denotes the minimum pathway length from the interior to the exterior of a flameproof enclosure across the explosion joint. This dimension is critical as it represents the shortest route where energy dissipation from an explosion is maximized.

flameproof distribution box-6

Flameproof Joint Gap:

This term refers to the gap between flanges at the point where the body of the enclosure meets its cover. Generally maintained at less than 0.2mm, this gap is pivotal for achieving the best flameproof effect, aiding in the reduction of both explosion temperature and energy.

Flameproof Joint Surface Roughness:

During the fabrication of the flameproof enclosure’s joint surfaces, attention must be paid to the surface roughness. For flameproof electrical equipment, the roughness of these joint surfaces must not exceed 6.3mm.



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