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Technical Specifications

Meaning of Explosion-Proof Junction Box Model

Given the unique nature of explosion-proof junction boxes, customizing them to specific requirements is crucial. Understanding the significance of the model numbers of these boxes is particularly important.

explosion proof junction box-9
The diagram excellently illustrates the meanings of the model numbers of explosion-proof junction boxes, highlighting areas that merit special attention:

1. The number of branches or circuits, commonly available in 4, 6, 8, 10 circuits.

2. The current rating for each circuit.

3. The need for a main switch, and the required current capacity for it.

4. Inlet and outlet methods for the junction box, including the size and specifications of the thread.

5. Corrosion resistance considerations: whether anti-corrosion measures are needed and the level of protection, such as WF1 or WF2 standards.

6. The explosion-proof grade is typically IP54, but higher levels can be achieved with prior specification during customization.

7. Material: Three common materials are used for explosion-proof junction boxes. The first type, typically used in factories, is made of cast aluminum alloy and is more affordable. The second type is constructed from welded steel plates, and the third type uses 304 or 316 stainless steel.

This detailed explanation of the model numbers is essential in the practical context. Manufacturing an explosion-proof junction box requires providing an electrical schematic and a list of electrical components.



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