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Characteristics Of Explosion-Proof Junction Box

1. Explosion-proof junction boxes offer both aesthetic appeal and robust protection. Featuring a cast aluminum alloy shell with a surface coating, they present a sleek look. For enhanced durability and corrosion resistance, these boxes are available in materials like glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin, molded into a solid case, or fabricated from welded stainless steel.

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2. Easy Access Cover: The cover can be effortlessly opened by loosening the bolts by a third and then rotating the cover clockwise by 10°. This design ensures bolt retention and facilitates quick access.
3. Versatile Cable Entry: Options for cable entry are diverse in both methods and sizes, catering to varied installation needs.
4. Customizable Thread: The threading for cable entries can be custom-designed to meet specific requirements.
5. Flexible Wiring Solutions: Accommodating both steel pipe and cable wiring, these junction boxes are adaptable to different wiring setups.
6. Standards Compliance: Fully compliant with GB3836-2000, IEC60079, GB12476.1-2000, and IEC61241 standards, these junction boxes meet international safety and quality benchmarks.

These features make explosion-proof junction boxes a reliable and efficient choice for safe electrical connections in hazardous environments.



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