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Technical Specifications

The Difference Between Explosion-Proof Levels IIC and IIB

Explosion-proof classifications are divided into IIA, IIB, and IIC, with IIC being the highest level, followed by IIB and IIA.

Condition CategoryGas ClassificationRepresentative gasesMinimum Ignition Spark Energy
Under The MineIMethane0.280mJ
Factories Outside The MineIIAPropane0.180mJ

Recently, a customer inquired about our company’s explosion-proof classifications. I confirmed it was IIC. When she asked if it met the IIB requirements she needed, I assured her that IIC is the highest standard of explosion-proof classification and fully satisfies the requirements. Aside from mining applications, explosion-proof classifications include IIA, IIB, and IIC, with IIC being the top-rated product.

Manufacturers of explosion-proof lighting typically choose the highest level (certification required), akin to a 300W lamp being able to replace any lower wattage. Learning to drive manual means you can operate both manual and automatic vehicles. Those who learn automatic are restricted to automatic vehicles, the lowest category. This analogy should be understandable to all.

Many users and customers think only products with matching explosion-proof ratings are usable. Some discover they have purchased an IIC product instead of IIB, which should not be a concern, as IIC is superior to IIB and can be used with confidence.

However, the reverse is not true. For example, IIB-rated LED explosion-proof lights in an oil depot are insufficient; only IIC-rated lights are adequate.



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