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Technical Specifications

There Are Several Types of Explosion-Proof Lights

Explosion-proof lights, distinct from other explosion-proof electrical equipment, can be categorized into five types of explosion-proof methods: flameproof, increased safety, positive pressure, non-sparking, and dust. However, these five methods are not exhaustive.

Explosion Proof TypeGas Explosion-proof SymbolDust Explosion-proof Symbol
Intrinsically Safe Typeia,ib,icia,ib,ic,iD
Barotropic Typepx,py,pz,pxb,pyb,pZcp;pb,pc,pD
Increased Safety Typee,eb/
Flameproof Typed,db/
Oil Immersed Typeo/
Sand Filled Moldq,qb/
Special TypeS/
Shell Protection Type/ta,tb,tc,tD

Due to the wide range of applications for explosion-proof lights, there are numerous varieties, including a special type that combines multiple explosion-proof methods.



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