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Installation Method

How Many Wiring Methods Are There For Explosion-Proof Lights

1. Wall-Mounted:

Installation is simple and convenient using wall bracket attachments. Simply mount the explosion-proof light onto the bracket, adjust the angle as needed, secure the bracket to the wall, and then connect the wires to explosion-proof flexible conduit or steel pipes.

explosion proof light connection method

2. Pendant Style:

Equipped with explosion-proof pendant light boxes, bend rods, pull rods, and chains. First, secure the ceiling light box to the wall, then sequentially connect the bend rods, pull rods, and chains to the wall. Connect using a cable, screw into the pendant rod, tighten the positioning screws, then twist the cable into the junction box using washers and sealing rings, and finally screw the explosion-proof light into the junction box. Ensure the wiring of the junction box is facing downwards. After wiring, adjust the relative position of the copper connector and steel pipe to ensure the light’s reflector is correctly positioned, then tighten the fixing screws.

3. Ceiling-Mounted:

The bracket can be directly fixed to the top or directly to the suspended ceiling, with side wiring directly connected to explosion-proof flexible conduit or steel pipes.



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