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How to Wiring Explosion-Proof Emergency Lights

Many users purchase explosion-proof emergency lights but are unsure of the wiring process. To address this issue, I have written this article with the hope of providing assistance.

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Wiring Methods:

Like regular lighting fixtures, emergency lights typically have three wires, each in different colors:

a. Purple (or red): Live wire;

b. Black: Neutral wire;

c. Blue: Switch wire.

Before wiring, we must consider whether we will use the light only in emergencies or also during regular conditions.

1. For emergency use only: Simply connect the live and neutral wires.

2. For regular use, like the wiring method used in gas station explosion-proof lights: Connect the switch wire and the live wire to the same live terminal, fit a switch on the switch wire, and connect the neutral wire as usual. Note that there is still only one neutral wire coming in.

In general, our gas station’s explosion-proof emergency lights have three wires, two of which are stripped, and one that is not. If you wish to cut the power, connect the two stripped wires. If you want the light to be on continuously, regardless of power availability, connect all three wires, where one is the switch wire, essentially a live wire, resulting in two live wires and one neutral wire.

Important Considerations:

1. Correctly understand the characteristics of each wiring method to avoid improper connections that fail to function as intended.

2. If the explosion-proof emergency lighting is part of the normal lighting system, a three-wire control method should be used.

3. For multi-storey public buildings without a fire control center, local switch control (individual or group control) or three-wire centralized control can be used for each explosion-proof emergency light.

4. In projects with a fire control center, to meet the requirements during a fire, the emergency lighting on the fire floor and related floors can be activated from the control center.
By adhering to these guidelines and understanding the wiring methods, users can ensure their explosion-proof emergency lights function effectively and safely.



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