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Installation Method

Performance and Installation Methods of LED Tunnel Lights

Do you know about the performance of LED tunnel lights and how to install them? If not, follow along as we explore these aspects.

led tunnel light

Performance Features:

1. The transparent components of LED tunnel lights are optimized based on advanced lighting optics, minimizing discomfort and fatigue for construction workers.

2. The lights feature a high-strength alloy casing with special surface coating and sealing techniques, enabling operation in humid and corrosive environments.

3. Their design includes multi-channel shockproof structures, ensuring durability and reliable performance in low-frequency, high-vibration settings.

4. These lights use energy-saving light sources, offering prolonged usage with excellent luminous efficiency and light transmission.

Installation Methods:

1. Ceiling Mounting:

Match the light fixture’s mounting hole dimensions to the desired location and drill corresponding bolt holes. Secure the fixture in place using bolts.

2. Suspended Mounting:

Ideal for areas needing broad lighting coverage. Attach the suspension adapter plate to the fixture with bolts, connect the cable, and screw the fixture’s pipe thread into a standard-threaded wiring steel pipe.

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