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Performance Characteristics

What Are The Advantages Of Explosion-Proof Positive Pressure Cabinets

1. Versatile Structure:

The design of explosion-proof positive pressure cabinets can be tailored to specific needs, allowing for various configurations such as vertical, horizontal, or console-style layouts.

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2. Stable Performance:

Based on explosion-proof principles, while an explosion is permissible in flameproof engines, it is not in positive pressure engines. Thus, in flameproof types, an explosion can damage components. In contrast, positive pressure types will cut off the power supply without damaging components when pressure is lost.

3. High Feasibility:

For large-sized components, flameproof design is not feasible, making explosion-proof positive pressure cabinets a suitable choice. This is because, for larger components, implementing positive pressure explosion protection is easier compared to flameproof methods.

4. Touch Screen Compatibility:

Equipped with touch screens that require finger operation, which is unfeasible in flameproof models, explosion-proof positive pressure cabinets can utilize non-explosion-proof touch screens.

5. Exceptional Cooling Ability:

Explosion-proof positive pressure cabinets can achieve cooling through increased ventilation or by installing screen cabinets with coolers, explosion-proof air conditioners, and other methods.



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