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Technical Specifications

Working Principle of Explosion-Proof Positive Pressure Cabinet


Explosion-proof positive pressure cabinets are extensively used in the chemical industry as a type of explosion-proof electrical equipment. These devices are specially processed to operate safely in flammable and explosive environments, featuring explosion-proof, anti-static, and corrosion-resistant properties. Their explosion-proof mechanism employs a medium to isolate the ignition source, thereby ensuring electrical safety. They can be fitted with a variety of standard detection instruments, analyzers, displays, monitors, touch screens, high-power frequency converters, and general electrical components, offering flexibility in the installation of electrical elements as per user needs.

explosion proof positive pressure cabinet


Structurally, these cabinets comprise a main body, an automatic control system, an air distribution system, alarm systems, and a power distribution system. Divided into primary and secondary chambers, the primary chamber houses the electrical components required by the user, controlled via a panel. The secondary chamber contains an automatic control system to regulate and operate the cabinet. Made from high-quality stainless or carbon steel with sealing treatment, they create a positively pressurized airtight environment. Users can install various detectors, analyzers, displays, transformers, soft starters, frequency converters, PLCs, buttons, switches, touch screens, and general electrical components as needed, without any restrictions.


The principle of operation involves the cabinet, under the control of its automatic system, admitting protective gas to create a micro positive pressure environment in the primary chamber. This prevents combustible and harmful gases from entering, ensuring the safe operation of standard instruments and electrical components housed within. The system enables functions like automatic ventilation, gas replenishment, high-pressure alarms (or exhaust), low-pressure alarms, low-voltage interlocking, and ventilation interlocking. The cabinet also features a low-voltage interlock function that automatically cuts off the power supply to the primary chamber if the pressure drops below the specified value (50Pa).

As a specialized explosion-proof device for hazardous areas, explosion-proof positive pressure cabinets serve as a reassurance, ensuring the safe operation of business activities while providing peace of mind to employees working in such dangerous environments.



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