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Technical Specifications

Structure and Principle of Explosion-Proof Junction Box


Explosion-proof junction boxes commonly use materials like cast aluminum, steel, and 304 stainless steel. Using these in outdoor environments enhances the product’s protective capabilities. The enclosure is molded for aesthetic appeal and spray-painted for a polished finish. It accommodates various explosion-proof components like casings, modules, indicators, meters, current and voltage gauges, buttons, switches, and relays.

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Our company has designed these junction boxes with an arc-shaped sealing structure, offering excellent waterproof and dustproof properties. They are wired using stainless steel pipes or cables. The enclosure is constructed from welded steel plates, cast aluminum alloy, or 304 stainless steel, with a high-voltage electrostatic spray coating. Typically, the surface product uses an explosion-proof enclosure with a safety shell for a composite structure.

The explosion-proof casing houses components like buttons, devices, lights, and explosion-proof elements such as switches, meters, AC contactors, thermal relays, temperature controls, and general electrical modules. Controllers, switches, and meters are all explosion-proof. The internal components of the explosion-proof junction box can be customized to meet user needs, enabling a variety of functions.


The explosion-proof junction box is a wiring box modified for explosion-proof purposes. This product is made from aluminum die-casting or stainless steel welding. The outer shell is made of impact-resistant glass-fiber-reinforced polyester, with all metal parts being corrosion-resistant. It has a protection level of IP65.



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