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Technical Specifications

Working Principle of Explosion-Proof Electromagnetic Starter

The explosion-proof electromagnetic starter is a vital device for motors, engineered to prevent arc-induced fire incidents effectively. It’s predominantly utilized for remotely controlling motor operations like start, stop, and reverse, while also safeguarding against low voltage and overload scenarios.

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This starter comprises a stamped casing, a steel base, an AC contactor, and associated wiring. When the start button is activated, the coil in the AC contactor within the starter gets energized. This action connects the power supply by moving the contact group into place, maintained by a self-locking auxiliary contact. Conversely, hitting the stop button de-energizes the coil, causing the contacts to disengage and disconnecting the power supply.

Its robust and precise design makes it indispensable in hazardous areas, ensuring safe and controlled motor operations in potentially explosive environments.



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