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What Is the Difference Between Explosion-Proof Lighting Distribution Box and Explosion-Proof Power Distribution Box

When it comes to integrating explosion-proof power and lighting distribution boxes, segregating their wiring is imperative for safety and functionality.

explosion proof distribution box bxm(dx) stainless steel-7

Explosion-Proof Lighting Distribution Box

These boxes are predominantly utilized for powering and managing lighting systems. Owing to the typically lower wattage of explosion-proof lighting, these distribution boxes handle lesser loads than their power counterparts, with total current capacities usually under 63A and single output currents below 16A. Although primarily configured for single-phase supply, they can adapt to a three-phase system based on specific needs.

Explosion-Proof Power Distribution Box

Designed to control the initiation, operation, and cessation of high-powered machinery like fans, mixers, oil pumps, and water pumps, as well as other equipment such as mold temperature controllers and chillers, these boxes cater to substantial power demands. They are geared to manage significant loads, typically accommodating incoming currents exceeding 63A.



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