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How to Quote for Explosion-Proof Lighting Distribution Box

Our clients are mostly business owners or contractors, not end-users, so they often lack detailed knowledge about the products they need to purchase.

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Box Material:

It’s important to ask the client about the preferred material for the explosion-proof distribution box. Options typically include aluminum alloy and stainless steel, each with different price points. Stainless steel is usually recommended for environments like chemical plants where corrosive gases are present.

Box Dimensions:

Clarify the required dimensions, as explosion-proof lighting distribution boxes come in various sizes. Common dimensions include 200x200x92mm, 300x300x140mm, 400x500x150mm, and so on.

Internal Components:

Inquire about the specifications and quantity of cable glands needed and the size of holes to be made in the box. Details about the circuit breakers and switches, typically available in sizes like G1/2 and G3/4, are crucial. Also, ask about the arrangement, whether it’s single-row or double-row. Finally, confirm the number of terminals needed, the brand, and the current rating. Of course, if the client can provide a blueprint, a more accurate price quote can be given.



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