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Maintenance Specifications

What to Pay Attention to When Repairing Explosion-Proof Motors

1. Handling of Explosion-Proof Motors: Explosion-proof motors should not be disassembled or reassembled casually. When dismantling for maintenance, it’s crucial not to use the explosion-proof surface as a fulcrum for a pry bar, and avoid striking or colliding with the explosion-proof surface.

explosion proof motors repairing
2. Dismantling Process: To disassemble the motor, first remove the fan cover and fan. Then, use a socket wrench to remove the end cover and bearing cover bolts. Next, strike the shaft extension radially with a wooden or copper rod to separate the shaft sleeve from the bearing seat, and finally, remove the motor rotor. When disassembling parts, ensure that the explosion-proof surface faces upward and is covered with rubber or a cloth pad. Be careful not to lose bolts or spring washers.

3. Painting and Assembly: When applying insulating paint or assembling, clean any insulating paint or dirt adhering to the explosion-proof surface. Avoid scraping with hard objects like metal, but it’s permissible to smooth uneven areas with an oilstone.

4. Repairing Explosion-Proof Surfaces: If the explosion-proof surface is damaged, use lead-tin soldering material HISnPb58-2 and a 30% hydrochloric acid flux (for steel parts), or use tin-zinc soldering material with 58%-60% tin content, with a flux made of 30% ammonium chloride, 70% zinc chloride, and 100-150% water mixture (for cast iron parts). Ensure solid fusion between the welding material and the part, and smooth out any protrusions to a flat, polished finish.
Preventing Corrosion: To prevent rust on the explosion-proof surface, apply machine oil or a 204-1 type anti-rust agent.



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