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What Is the Function of Explosion-Proof Lights


As the name implies, the primary function of an explosion-proof light is to prevent bursting. Ordinary bulbs tend to heat up after being on for a while and can easily burst if not handled carefully. However, explosion-proof lights, often utilizing LED tubes, don’t exhibit this heating issue, significantly reducing the risk of bursting. Therefore, in areas with high requirements for explosion and fire prevention, the use of explosion-proof lights is essential to ensure safety.

Scope of Application:

Explosion-proof lights are mainly used in hazardous places with combustible gases and dust. They prevent the ignition of surrounding flammable gases and dust by internal arcs, sparks, and high temperatures, thereby meeting explosion-proof requirements. Also known as explosion-proof luminaires or explosion-proof lighting. Different combustible gas mixtures have different requirements for the explosion-proof grade and type of explosion-proof light. Refer specifically to GB3836 and IEC60079.

Suitable for explosive gas environments in Zone 1 and Zone 2;

Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC level explosive gas environments;

Suitable for combustible dust environments 20, 21, and 22;

Suitable for environments with temperature groups from T1 to T6.


As the most widely used lighting fixture, the explosion-proof light’s technology has long garnered widespread attention and significance. Featuring an aluminum alloy shell with surface plastic spraying; it’s designed for both lighting and emergency use.

It houses maintenance-free nickel-cadmium batteries, automatically charging under normal power supply and illuminating automatically during power outages or emergencies; it’s designed for steel pipe wiring. In specialized emergency lights, normal illumination and emergency illumination are independent; dual-purpose lighting for normal and emergency situations, sharing one light body but independent light sources.

The explosion-proof light, through unique light distribution design, precisely controls the light pattern and emission angle of the LED source, avoiding light pollution and ineffective light utilization. The light is soft and glare-free, preventing eye fatigue for operators and enhancing work efficiency.

It can also be equipped with internationally renowned T5 fluorescent tubes upon customer request, offering high luminous efficiency and suitability for actual lighting conditions, saving about 30% of energy compared to T8 tubes. It can also be fitted with an emergency device upon user request. Lightweight and built into the light body, the lamp automatically switches to emergency lighting mode when external power is cut off.

The above details the functions of explosion-proof lights. When purchasing, it’s advisable to visit a local, reputable construction materials market to ensure the quality of the lights.



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