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Why Use Explosion-Proof Lights

Scope of Application:

Simply put, “explosion-proof” lighting is a type of explosion-proof electrical equipment used in areas with explosion risks. Such areas are characterized by the presence of flammable gases, vapors, or dust in the air. Electrical equipment installed and used in these environments must meet the requirements of the “Code for Design of Electrical Installations in Explosive and Fire Hazardous Environments” (GB50058).

Reason for Necessity:

Many production sites generate combustible substances. About two-thirds of the areas in coal mines are prone to explosions; in the chemical industry, over 80% of the production areas are explosive. Oxygen is omnipresent in the air. Ignition sources from the extensive use of electrical instruments, frictional sparks, mechanical wear sparks, static sparks, and high temperatures are inevitable, especially when instruments and electrical systems malfunction.

Objectively, many industrial sites meet the conditions for explosions. When the concentration of explosive substances in the air reaches the explosive limit and an ignition source is present, an explosion can occur. Hence, the necessity for explosion-proof measures becomes evident.


One significant reason people hesitate to use explosion-proof lights is their cost. However, a detailed cost-benefit analysis comparing ordinary incandescent lights with explosion-proof lights reveals that the latter has a much longer lifespan. While incandescent lights might be cheaper initially, their shorter lifespan and frequent replacements incur greater maintenance costs. Therefore, the overall cost-effectiveness of explosion-proof lights is much higher than that of incandescent lights.



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