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Maintenance Methods

What To Do If An Explosion-Proof Air Conditioner Has An Odd Smell


Over a prolonged period, explosion-proof air conditioners accumulate dust in the indoor and copper filters, leading to odor issues. When activated, these odors disperse into the air. Moreover, moisture often lingers inside the unit post-cooling. Without adequate drying and anti-mold features, the air conditioner’s abrupt shutdown perpetuates this dampness, eventually culminating in a persistent musty smell.

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In such instances, what’s the best course of action? For newer air conditioners with mere dust on panels and vents, a simple wipe-down by users suffices. Removing and rinsing the filter with water can swiftly eliminate odors. For older units, engaging a professional after-sales cleaning service is advisable for a comprehensive cleanse, enhancing air quality and freshness.



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