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Maintenance Methods

What To Do If The Explosion-Proof Light Is Broken

1. First, ascertain the cause to see if the issue is due to excessive current or an internal problem with the explosion-proof light.

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2. When disassembling the light, ensure to wrap the wires and place them in a conduit sealed with a stopper, as sparks can be extremely dangerous in areas like wheel polishing workshops.

3. Don’t rush to disassemble the light. Contact the explosion-proof light seller first. If it’s within the warranty period, the seller will guide you on how to handle it.

4. Typically, the first step is to open it and check. 80% of explosion-proof light failures are due to the power supply and bulbs. If water gets in during installation, the bulbs can burn out. If the power supply is faulty, you can send it to the seller for replacement. If the bulbs are also burnt out, then it can only be sent back to the seller for repair.



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