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Technical Specifications

Why Can Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners Be Explosion-Proof

The compressors and fans of explosion-proof air conditioners are specially treated for explosion protection. They feature an integrated explosion-proof design, incorporating advanced technologies like flameproof, intrinsically safe, and encapsulation methods. The control system employs intrinsically safe mechanisms that prevent spark generation, ensuring safe and convenient usage.

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Moreover, an aluminum alloy with a stacked, honeycomb-like structure is installed in these air conditioners. This structure, with its multiple ‘mini compartments,’ effectively halts the spread of flames. Its high surface area-to-volume ratio and excellent thermal conductivity swiftly absorb the majority of the heat from combustion, substantially lowering the post-combustion temperature (Tf) and the expansion of reaction gases.

Overall, through strategic structural design and the implementation of explosion-proof materials, these air conditioners have become extensively utilized in environments that demand stringent explosion-proof measures.



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