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Performance Characteristics

Advantages of High Temperature Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners

The ambient operational temperature range for standard explosion-proof air conditioners in the current market is generally from -5 to 4 degrees Celsius. However, in specific extreme environments, excessively high or low temperatures impede the units’ ability to dissipate heat, leading to a series of issues. These air conditioners quickly enter an automatic protection mode, ceasing operation, and prolonged use under such conditions can result in damage to the unit. High-temperature explosion-proof air conditioners, on the other hand, are extensively used in various special environments and are highly favored by consumers.

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Firstly, the critical components of high-temperature explosion-proof air conditioners — including compressors, centrifugal and axial fans, refrigeration system components, main electrical elements, and protective parts — are selected from the best international products, ensuring superior performance and high reliability.

Secondly, they are equipped with a range of protective devices, such as high and low-pressure protection, overcurrent protection for compressors and fans, overheating protection, phase sequence protection, phase failure protection, and safety valves. These features guarantee stable, long-term operation even in the most challenging environments. The microcomputer control system offers robust safety measures, communication capabilities, fault diagnosis, and automatic adaptation. Owing to these attributes, they are extensively used in metallurgical sectors like steelmaking, coking, primary refining, and iron-making, as well as in tropical desert regions with high-temperature conditions.



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