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Technical Specifications

Safety Standards for Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners

Explosion-proof air conditioners are classified as hazardous electrical appliances, necessitating stringent usage requirements to ensure their safe and effective operation without any unforeseen incidents.

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Safety Standards:

Firstly, the installation and maintenance of the electrical circuits for explosion-proof air conditioners must be exclusively conducted by certified electrical technicians.

Secondly, only individuals who have undergone specialized training and possess an official electrician’s certificate are qualified to install and work on these electrical devices. All equipment, wires, cables, and electrical accessories used must meet or exceed national standards and be certified for safety. This is a compulsory regulation that all companies dealing with explosion-proof air conditioners must follow.

Thirdly, explosion-proof air conditioners should have a dedicated power supply with a capacity that matches the unit’s power rating. This power supply should be used in conjunction with appropriate protective devices, such as leakage protectors and air switches, tailored to the unit’s capacity.



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