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Explosion-Proof Air Conditioner Short Circuit Analysis

Explosion-proof air conditioners are prevalent in today’s market and inevitably encounter various malfunctions over time. Typically, consumers cannot address these issues and must rely on experts for resolution. Today, let’s discuss the steps to address a short circuit in your explosion-proof air conditioner’s motor.

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In a situation where the start relay of the explosion-proof air conditioner is continuously overloaded, and due to the thermal protection relay’s contact fluctuation, the compressor fails to turn. A diagnostic check with a multimeter reveals a significant decrease in the resistance of the starting winding, indicative of a short circuit in the compressor motor.


The compressive motor can be forcibly started, but note that its operating current will exceed the normal motor by more than double, usually around 1.1 to 1.2A. The noise level will also be substantially higher. If the explosion-proof air conditioner’s fuse repeatedly blows after startup, a multimeter investigation might show a short circuit between the motor’s operation or start winding and the enclosed casing, with resistance readings being extremely low or zero (under normal conditions, the resistance between the enclosed motor casing’s three terminals and the casing should exceed 5MΩ). It’s encouraged to attempt troubleshooting your explosion-proof air conditioner when issues arise. However, if the problem persists, seeking professional repair services is advisable.



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