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Common Misconceptions About Using Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners

In our everyday use of explosion-proof air conditioners, are we guilty of these common misconceptions?

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Firstly, the frequent toggling on and off

There’s a prevalent but mistaken belief that turning the air conditioner on and off frequently conserves electricity. This practice, in fact, can lead to frequent fuse burnouts and increase the damage rate of explosion-proof air conditioners. Most models lack a shutdown delay mechanism; therefore, an immediate restart post-shutdown can result in fuse damage due to an overload of current, potentially damaging the compressor and motor.

Secondly, adding rain shelters

One critical point to remember is that outdoor units should never be outfitted with rain shelters. Contrary to the belief that this protects the unit from weather elements, it actually impedes the ventilation and heat dissipation necessary for the outdoor unit. During the manufacturing process, explosion-proof air conditioners are specially treated to withstand rain and corrosion without additional sheltering.

Thirdly, insufficient cleaning frequency

Another point to consider is that cleaning often only extends to the filters, which are the primary collection points for dust and pollutants in explosion-proof air conditioners. However, cleaning only during the summer or sporadically is far from adequate. Given the high power consumption and dust accumulation in these units, a cleaning frequency of every 2-3 weeks is recommended to ensure safe and efficient operation.



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