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Maintenance Specifications

Standards For After-Sales Responsibilities Of Explosion-Proof Air Conditioners

During the installation of air conditioning units, explosion-proof air conditioning technicians have a crucial role in ensuring the installation is up to standard and providing exemplary after-sales service. Their objective is to safeguard consumer interests maximally, allowing for reasonable and economical usage of explosion-proof air conditioners. Thus, during installation, maintenance personnel must adhere to the following two practices:

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1. Offer users comprehensive technical guidance for the safe and proper operation of the equipment. This involves providing detailed advice on the air conditioner’s application, performance, structure, and operational methods, as well as addressing all inquiries related to the unit. To facilitate independent and safe use of the explosion-proof air conditioner by users, thereby substantially reducing risks during operation, prioritizing safety in production is essential.

2. In cases of malfunction, it’s imperative to engage professional repair services rather than attempting self-inspection. Repair technicians should immediately ascertain the fault’s cause upon arrival and present the customer with suitable adjustment and repair solutions. They must communicate clearly with the customer about the nature of the fault and proposed solutions. Promptly addressing malfunctions, ensuring safe and correct installation, and conducting thorough calibrations are vital to guarantee the explosion-proof air conditioner’s safe operation in subsequent production tasks.



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