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Does Putting Alcohol In An Explosion-Proof Cabinet Meet The Requirements

Adhering to proper storage guidelines is crucial. All alcohol products, whether used for cleaning bottles or other purposes, must be kept in explosion-proof cabinets.

explosion proof cabinet for storing alcohol
1. Alcohol needs to be stored in cool, ventilated cabinets, separate from oxidizers, acids, and alkali metals, and the temperature should not exceed 30°C. The cabinets must have static electricity grounding, and if feasible, should be explosion-proof. Each cabinet should not store more than 50L of alcohol.

2. Store alcohol in its original packaging, ensuring it is labeled and sealed to inhibit evaporation.

3. The storage area for alcohol should be situated away from ignition sources (such as open flames, smoking), heat sources (like electrical equipment), and flammable materials, and should have an approved dry powder fire extinguisher available.



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