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Maintenance Methods

Explosion-Proof Air Conditioner Fault Repair

1. Winding Short Circuit

This malfunction primarily arises from the compromised insulation of windings, leading to short circuits between adjacent coils. Such short circuits increase current and can even lead to motor burnouts. For single-phase motors, it’s crucial to detach the external connections and utilize a multimeter in resistance setting to gauge the resistance between terminals C, S, C, R. A reading below the standard indicates a short circuit in the winding, necessitating the replacement of the affected coil. For three-phase motors, the resistance between terminals should be measured using a multimeter set to R×10. Equal resistances suggest the motor is in good condition. A notably low resistance between any pair of terminals signifies a short circuit, while an infinite resistance indicates winding burnout.

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2. Winding Open Circuit

For addressing an open circuit in the winding of an explosion-proof air conditioner’s compressor motor, firstly disconnect the external wiring. Then, measure the resistance between the C, R, and C, S terminals. An infinite resistance reading confirms the presence of an open circuit, requiring prompt repair.

3. Winding Grounding

This fault typically occurs when the wire with damaged insulation makes contact with the compressor’s casing. To diagnose, use a multimeter set to resistance to check the resistance; one probe should contact the terminal face, while the other should touch the metal part exposed on the process pipe. A minimal resistance reading indicates grounding, necessitating the opening of the casing for insulation rectification.

4. Relay Malfunction

Issues often arise from uneven or sticky contacts and need immediate attention. The remedy involves opening the relay and smoothing the contacts with fine sandpaper. In cases of severe damage, prompt replacement is advisable.

5. Three-Phase Compressor Startup Failure

The following are potential causes and solutions for this issue:

1. Thin power lines leading to a significant voltage drop during startup necessitate the use of suitable wiring.

2. Phase failure or internal breakage in the power line.

3. Asynchronous closure of the three-phase contacts in the contactor.

4. Overheating and overload of the explosion-proof air conditioner motor. Prolonged high temperatures can heat the motor’s stator winding, damaging its insulation and shortening its lifespan.
Commonly, excessive exhaust pressure, inadequate motor ventilation, or high ambient temperatures are to blame for motor malfunctions in explosion-proof air conditioners.



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